Medlab: Commercialisation 101

Nurturing the next wave of Australian medtech and biotech innovators. Supported by the REDI initiative, powered by MTPConnect.

This Program is no longer running. For other commercialisation training and support, check out our open programs here.

About the Program

Designed and delivered by industry and commercialisation experts, Cicada MedLab workshops develop the fundamental research commercialisation skills of scientists, researchers, clinicians, and budding entrepreneurs in medtech and biotech.

The program provides you with tailored advice and practical frameworks to address challenges specific to health tech companies to help you commercialise technology and products faster. This training is supported by the REDI initiative, powered by MTPConnect, made possible by the MRFF.

This Program is no longer running. For other commercialisation training and support, check out our open programs here.

About the course

This is not your average course. Cicada Medlab: Commercialisation 101 is a fast-paced, hands-on workshop for you to work on your health tech idea with personalised advice & feedback to help you go faster.

You will work alongside other innovators, hear real examples of the commercialisation process, and gain access Cicada's network of health tech mentors and experts around Australia. 

What will you learn

Over the course of the 2 day workshops, you will understand how to identify and address unmet clinical needs, clearly articulate and pitch your idea, identify and engage with customers, validate market need, understand their market opportunity, and start building a basic business model.

You will walk away with proven frameworks, tailored advice, and new ideas on how to articulate your business, engage with customers, and validate the market opportunity.

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Who it is for

Any Australian with a potential solution in the medtech or biotech space will benefit from a Cicada MedLab: Commercialisation 101 workshop. You could be a researcher, scientist, clinician, entrepreneurs, or intrapreneaur working on solutions across diagnostics, medical devices, digital health, therapeutics, and pharmaceuticals with a business proof of concept.

How you can apply

You must apply to be part of the workshops via a short application form telling us more about your idea. This is so our team can assess you are the right stage to get the most out of the workshops.

What does it cost?

Accepted applicants are required to pay the $200 (GST inclusive) fee to secure their place in the course. 

Workshop facilitators

Andy Lamb

Facilitating Perth and online workshops

Andy is a seasoned lean startup practitioner, entrepreneur, facilitator and innovation strategist for corporates. Andy graduated from a Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and has been awarded an Honorary Fellow of Innovation UWA. Andy carries a broad range of experience in different industries and businesses of all sizes. Previously the founder and CEO at Atomic Sky and consulting for clients such as CSIRO, Bankwest, CISCO, UWA, Curtin and the City of Perth, Andy has a track record setting up, running and working with successful businesses.

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Katja Beitat

Facilitating Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane workshops

Katja is an experienced digital health entrepreneur, researcher, mentor and executive working within the healthcare industry for 16 years, both in Australia and internationally. Currently, Katja is the Head of Health Tech at Cicada Innovations. She has graduated from a Master of International Business and Law (University of Sydney), and PhD in Health Communications. Katja is passionate about helping innovators accelerate technological transformation in healthcare at scale, and solve the many complex problems that need to be addressed to maintain and improve our healthcare system. Katja aims to help bringing the world class innovations conceptualised in Australia to a wider market.

Lilli de Kantzow

Assisting Katja Beitat for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane workshops

Lilli is a skilled program manager and startup founder, who is passionate about building the customer-centric, sustainable, and socially-conscious businesses of the future. At Cicada, she is dedicated to bringing Australia’s world-class health and medical research to the international stage through the successful commercialisation of health tech innovations. 

You managed to cover a lot of information in only 2 days - it’s definitely a course that should be mandated for anyone starting to think about developing their own medical or life science technology.  

Everyone walked away ready to network and bring their ideas to life.

Polina, Inventia Life Science

Cicada MedLab

Australia has a strong pedigree in medtech and biotech research but getting new technology to market is a long and often complicated process.

At Cicada Innovations, we believe a good idea can come from anyone and anywhere. For over 20 years we’ve been supporting researchers, practitioners and innovators through our programs and community, to bring to life ideas that benefit everyone.

With this program we are bringing our extensive experience and networks together to equip the medtech and biotech community across Australia with the core skills required to commercialise research into validated solutions for unmet clinical needs.

We are excited to be bringing our extensive experience and networks together to equip the medtech and biotech community with the core skills required to commercialise research.

– Sally-Ann Williams, CEO Cicada Innovations


Who can apply?
Anyone with a medtech or biotech idea!

How developed does my idea need to be?
We accept ideas at every stage - from a concept on a post it note to people undergoing prototype development. This is workshop is about giving yourself a kickstart and spending 2 days dedicated to developing you solution. Our facilitators are commercialisation experts and regardless of where your idea is at, they will guide you towards the next step.

What if I’m not sure my idea will work
That’s totally okay! The first step towards success is usually failure - and in your commercialisation journey proving what won’t work can be just as valuable as proving what will.

My idea isn’t a medical device - will this workshop still be valuable for me?
Absolutely - these workshops aren't just for people whose idea is a device. Our workshops are suitable for anyone whose idea is in diagnostics, therapeutics, devices, software as a medical device, or pharmaceuticals.

I’m not ready to start a business yet - is it too early for me to attend?
Commercialisation isn't just for the entrepreneurs among us. Whatever your discipline and wherever you work - understanding the considerations taken when commercialising a new product is advantageous.

Not only will you know how to take an idea further when you have one, but the next time you're hustling for more funding or new equipment, you'll have a better understanding of how to prove the commercial value of your work.

Cicada MedLab: Commercialisation 101 workshops were well planned and the facilitators have years of real experience which they are able to distil and teach you succinctly, without all the waffle. They help you really focus on your purpose, business idea, and next best steps. 

— Merran, Touchstone Life Care

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