Powering Deep Tech innovation from the very start

Building a deep tech startup is hard.

It is a journey that takes focus, persistence and courage. Succeeding requires guidance, networked support and real partners.

Since 2000, over 400 deep ventures have been born and built at Cicada. This arms us with unique expertise, experience, and networks to pass along to a new generation of deep tech startups.

We offer a suite of educational programs and support for founders and innovators, so you can turn groundbreaking science and technology into an impactful deep tech business, faster.

Our programs will help you gain


A clear next step

As a deep tech founder, you are juggling a million things at once. Our programs create a safe space and dedicated time for you to test your ideas, scenarios, and assumptions surrounded by seasoned mentors, experts, and peers.


Work alongside peers

No one understands the challenges of building a deep tech venture like those on the same journey. Learn alongside other founders, experienced operators and experts who can provide support and strategic advice as you build your venture.


Build your reputation in the market

Participating in our programs not only elevates your startup's credibility, making you a trusted player in the field, but also opens doors to a powerful network of industry experts, investors, and fellow trailblazers.

Cicada's Deep Tech Programs offer startups a three-stage pathway from idea to market traction.

Upskill in commercialisation

Deep Tech Foundations is designed to get you started with confidence. This e-learning course ensures that you have the knowledge you need to pursue your deep tech business idea by giving you access to:

  • Video lessons from Tim Parsons, Bill Bartee, Sallyann Williams, Hebbat Manhy, Mick Lubinskus, and Sian Priest.

  • Case study interviews from the likes of SeaForest, Rux Energy, Roev, Telemattica who will take you through their journey and insights.

  • Worksheets to put the theory into practice

Learn at your own pace, from anywhere

Stress test your deep tech business model

Over an intensive two days, Deep Tech Elevate will see you dive into the world of entrepreneurship and commercialisation, including workshops, founder stories, and panel discussions, all designed to help you:

  • Gain deeper insights into scaling a deep tech solution

  • Validate your market and customers

  • Refine your value proposition

  • Improve your pitching and communication

Achieve market traction

Fast Start is a 6-month bespoke coaching program where you set the goals and we help you to get there. With a coach and mentors by your side and a desk at Cicada HQ, you will have dedicated time and support to work towards those important next milestones.

Every team's pathway is different, so what your team gets out of Fast Start will depend on what you are seeking to achieve. Outcomes from previous Fast Start participants have included:

  • Establishing new partnerships

  • Increasing industry engagement

  • Getting investment ready

Get in touch with the team if you think this program could help your startup.

I had an incredible journey at Cicada Innovations, where I immersed myself in deep tech and learned valuable marketing language and long-game strategies as a startup. The online course provided a solid foundation, covering market analysis and effective communication. The two-day workshop was immersive, with amazing founders sharing practical insights on crafting narratives and marketing campaigns. The networking opportunities connected me with like-minded individuals and potential investors. Cicada Innovations has transformed my entrepreneurial journey, equipping me for success in the deep tech space.

Maedeh Mousavi

Meet the facilitators

Learn all facets of building a deep tech business from founders, operators and investors.

Hebbat Manhy

Head of Technology, Cicada Innovations

Tim Parsons

Expert-in-Residence, Cicada Innovations

Sian Priest

Director of Communications & Community, Cicada Innovations

Mick Liubinskas

Co-founder of Climate Salad

Bill Bartee

Partner at Main Sequence Ventures

Sally-Ann Williams

CEO, Cicada Innovations

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Our funding partners

Cicada works with partner organisations who provide invaluable funding and support, enabling us to offer our Deep Tech Programs to Australian startups and entrepreneurs at no cost or reduced rates.

The Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer and Cicada Innovations offer a suite of programs designed to get more NSW-based deep tech startups from the lab to the market. The DTCTP complements the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer’s commercialisation funding programs by providing companies with key concepts and frameworks necessary for building a successful deep tech business in NSW. 

Residency at our deep tech incubator

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