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The National Space Industry Hub's mission is to create a vibrant and globally competitive space industry delivering benefits for all Australians.

About the Space Hub

The National Space Industry Hub is a home for anyone with the ambition to create and launch space tech innovations.

Delivered by Cicada Innovations and supported by the NSW Government, the Space Hub offers a physical space, resources, mentoring, and connections for emerging space ventures and researchers in Australia.

Space Hub Residency

Space Hub residency is open for startups who wish to be based within Cicada's deep tech incubator. The Space Hub offers purpose-built labs, prototyping facilities, and flexible offices, as well as tight-knit community of likeminded space entrepreneurs who can offer advice, connections and support.

If you are interested in becoming a resident of the National Space Industry Hub, get in touch with the team and book a tour.

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Space Foundations

If you are just getting started, Space Foundations is an online course for anyone wanting to build their knowledge and capabilities of space and deep tech commercialisation.

This is for entrepreneurs, technologists, and researchers with a space tech idea looking to turn a breakthrough technology into a business.

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Space Elevate

If you are looking to validate your idea, Space Elevate is a course for Australian researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs with revolutionary solutions that have the potential to become impactful space businesses.

This is a fast-paced, hands-on workshop for you to work on your space tech idea with personalised advice and feedback to help you go faster.

Key dates: Applications will open February 2024

Where: In-person at Cicada Innovations

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Space Fast Start

If you are ready to grow, Fast Start is a 6 month intensive program tailored for each space venture so you can supercharge your commercialisation journey.

You’ll be supported by a dedicated coach, a pool of mentors and have your own workspace at the National Space Industry Hub for the duration of the program. 

Applications close on 23rd November 2023.

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Space Hub Residents

Our Experts & Mentors

Tim Parsons
Space Expert-in-Residence

Tim is that kid who always wanted to be an Astronaut. After earning a PhD in aerospace engineering, he worked at dot com agencies, corporates and startups worldwide, then spent nearly a decade helping to build the Australian space ecosystem while running startup accelerator programs. Today, Tim coaches space start ups at Cicada, helps lead industry growth associations, like the Space Industry Association of Australia, and consults widely to space Industry and research organisations, like SmartSat CRC. Still obsessed with space flight, Tim also volunteers as part of the Waratah Seed NSW Rideshare Mission.

Constellation Partners

Constellation Partners are pioneering organisations whose mission and aims rests on the growth of the local space industry. The success of the local industry is your success. As a partner of the National Space Industry Hub your organisation will become a key supporter enabling growth of the local space industry, which will enable you to build trust and brand equity with your customer base.

Meet Julie Autuly

Julie is the head of Space Tech at Cicada Innovations, where she is leading the National Space Industry Hub. She holds Master’s degrees in Physics Engineering and Space Applications. Prior to joining Cicada Innovations, she has worked for the European Space Agency (ESA) and Airbus, in program and project management.

The National Space Industry Hub is proudly supported by the NSW Government.

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