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GRDC Grains Challenge

In late 2021, we partnered with the Grains Research & Development on the GrowLab Grain Challenge, a national search to unearth innovative deep tech solutions that could help to drive the sustainability and help create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers. 

The challenge led to 19 applications and four agrifood companies being selected to be part of our bespoke acceleration program, Fast Start, a 6 month coaching program which includes a dedicated workspace at Cicada Innovations incubator, as well as access to mentors from across Cicada and the GRDC’s network.

Sustinent was one of the Fast Start participants who set ambitious goals to investigate numerous avenues for scale and grains. Sustinent finished the program with the ability to serve grains customers, new connections, and a deeper understanding of the value of their platform and business model and a feature in Ground Cover.

The GRDC program has been above and beyond, it has helped us validate and recalibrate a number of our assumptions and opened the door for our technology to help grain farmers and the grain industry as a whole in a meaningful and impactful way. Thanks to the GRDC program we would not have had this opportunity to get access to expertise and knowledge of their people, or visibility and access to be able to implement our technologies in the grains industry.

- Sustinent

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WATCH: The Science of Food: From Paddock to Plate

We’re only just beginning to explore the full spectrum of applications in our food system. Advances in biotechnology have the potential to help protect our environment, feed our ever-growing population and to do so in the face of a future which is significantly impacted by climate change.
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WATCH: Grassroots Series

Cicada partnered with evokeAG to create the Grassroots Series for founders to learn how to build agrifood tech businesses that will shape our future agrifood system. The series features agrifood entrepreneurs and industry experts who share their journey and vision of changing industry. You will learn tactical skills and perspectives that you can apply to your own business.
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